Tomy Winata denies buying Arutmin`s shares

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20140228Tommy-Winata-2Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Businessman Tomy Winata has denied that he has purchased PT Arutmins shares from PT Bumi Resources or other parties as stated by British businessman Nathaniel Rothschild.

“Nathaniel Rothschild should provide evidence to support his statement that I bought PT Arutmins stock,” Tomy Winata argued here on Friday.

The owner of Artha Graha Network further said he neither know nor understand about mining that PT Arutmin operated. Moreover, Rothschild had stated that the corporation was mining illegally.

Tomy pointed out that Rothschilds statement was not true and it affected his reputation as well as that of Artha Graha Network and Artha Graha Peduli that worked on social and environmental services.

“This will make the position of mine and Artha Graha difficult in having relationship and cooperation with other parties, especially those having invested or wanting to invest in Indonesia,” he said.

Tomy said he always sought to drive his businesses in a transparent and honest way.

“Therefore, I will not make a deal that breaks the law,” he said.

Tomy added that he had e-mailed Nathaniel Rothschild directly to ask for clarifications.

In his e-mail, he asked Rothschild to clarify whom he got the information on Tomy buying PT Arutmins shares from.

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